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Commercial Walk Doors

Description: Complete with steel frame, header and jamb trim, hinges, weatherstripping, threshold and heavy duty lock set. Door and frame are reversible for left or right- hand operation.
Standard walk doors are "field located," meaning you can install them on any section of the wall that is not obstructed by columns or bracing. A "field located" walk door will not be included in the design of the building.  Installation of doors is fairly simple, and we include all the necessary materials. 

            Non - Insulated         Insulated        High Wind Rated
     3070   $402              $435                  $638
     4070   $451              $479                  $919
            6070   $655             $770            Call for quote
Commercial Windows
Description: Framed Sliding Windows w/screen
Our windows are "self flashing." They include fins that match the profile of the wall panel and attach to it with screws just as you would mate two panels at a seam.

      Size       Non-Insulated      Insulated
  3030           $131                    $193
  4030           $180                    $209

Sky Lights
Description: Translucent panels allow natural light into the building

10'x8" - $77

Ridge Vents (w/damper)  , Louvers, Circular Vents
Description: An accessory that allows air to pass through
The optimum amount of ventilation for a steel building  will depend on a few factors: size, shape, location, and purpose. A general rule of thumb is that one ridge vent can handle about 2400 sq. ft. building. However, large buildings that are occupied by lots of people, animals, or valuable materials you may want to err on side of caution and add additional vents.

Picture of ridge vents below:

    Ridge Vents            Louvers      Circular Vents
9"x10' -
$429         3'x4' - $347       20" - $193

Framed Openings:
Description: This accessory is used to open portions of a  wall.

Overhead  Door Framed Openings
$200-$299 (Based on size)
There is a $600 additional cost if all of the bays on sidewall or end-wall are utilized by framed openings.

Fully Flashed Framed Opening
Description: Fully covers jambs so that no red iron is visible from outside the building.
Cost: $50 - $90

Downspouts, Gutters, and Gutter Trim

                                  Description: These control the runoff from the roof so that water won't pool. 
If you have framed openings on your sidewall, we strongly recommend them. Gutters and downspouts also enhance the appearance of your building.
  Price done on a quote basis.

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