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Deluxe Steel Building Packages Includes:

3:12 Roof Pitch | 1 Overhangs & Roof Extensions w/soffit | 1-Insulated Roll Up Door | Gutters & Downs | 1-3070 Insulated Commercial Walk Door | Reflective High R-Value (16) Insulation | Colored Roof, Walls and Trim (25 yr. warranty) | Framed Opening fully flashed | 

Step#1: Review pre-engineered steel building prices below. 
Click to add any additional accessories (framed openings, walk doors, windows, vents, roll up doors or insulation) 
 Click to add shipping price or pick up your building. 
Total your cost and call 1-800-593-4012. A customer service representative will verify exact delivered price. 
Step#4: A proposal/contract will be emailed for signature.
Pay profit and building deposit
Receive plans in two weeks and building 6-8 weeks
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 Size  Door  Price  Size  Door  Price
 30x30x10  10x10  $10,027  40x60x10  12x10  $16,792
 30x30x12  10x12  $10,610  40x60x12  10x10  $17,830
 30x30x14  10x14  $11,044  40x60x14  12x14  $18,689
 30x40x10  10x10  $12,070  40x60x16  12x14  $19,620
 30x40x12  10x12  $12,251  40x72x14  12x14  $20,918
 30x40x14  10x14  $12,882  40x80x14  12x14  $22,705
 30x50x12  10x12  $13,859  40x80x16  12x14  $23,906
 30x50x14  10x14  $14,458  50x75x14  14x14  
 40x50x12  12x10  $16,013  50x75x16  14x14  
 40x50x14  10x12  $16,683  50x100x16  14x14  

Codes included with listed prices:
20 lb. Ground Snow Load |14 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009 |
Please call your local building department to verify your codes.

Additional snow and wind load codes options for Deluxe Steel Building Packages below

Click for 43 lb. Ground Snow Load | 30 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for 5 lb. Ground Snow Load | 4 lb. Roof Load | 100 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for
0 lb. Ground Snow Load | 0 lb. Roof Load | 130 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Standard Specifications:

Solid I-beam construction | 26 Gauge Sheeting - 80,000 tensile strength – 1.25” sheeting profile | 25 yr. colored warranty on finish | Purlin bearing rib (PBR) panels – larger overlap than R panels | Life – time warranty roof fasteners | All fasteners, hardware, closures, sealants, bolts as required (not anchor bolts) | Letter of Certification and Engineered Stamped Permit and/or Erection Drawings | Building manufacture red by IAS (International Accreditation Service) factory and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member.

Prices of metal buildings are considerably lower than conventional construction. Our Deluxe steel building cost is no higher than most of the standard steel building prices our competitors offer; yet this building looks nothing like a standard steel is gorgeous!! This beautiful building will enhance your property, as well as add value. Your plans will be completed within two weeks and delivery within 6-8 weeks. A guaranteed 3 weeks is available for an additional charge.
My mother always said, "If you are going to do something-do it right the first time." Our deluxe building is right way to go!

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