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  • Profit amount is determined by QUICKNESS of sale. 
  • In order to maintain our wholesale prices, QUOTES are done ONLY for customers who are in the immediate market to purchase a building.
1. Review building prices below
2. Add desired accessories
4. Call-800-593-4012 to order
5. A contract will be emailed for signature
6. Pay profit to Integrity Building Sales
7. Pay 25% deposit directly to manufacturer

 30x30x10 $6,603  40x60x12 $12,652
 30x30x12 $7,131  40x60x14 $13,575
 30x30x14 $7,588  40x60x16
 30x40x10 $7,643  40x72x14 $15,403
 30x40x12 $8,205  40x72x16 $18,586
 30x40x14 $8,690  40x80x12 $15,816
 30x50x10 $8,747  40x80x14 $16,885
 30x50x12 $9,338  40x80x16 $18,586
 30x50x14 $9,906  50x60x14 $16,457
 30x60x12 $10,396  50x60x16 $17,713
 30x60x14 $11,045  50x75x14 $19,146
 40x40x12  50x75x16 $20,434
 40x40x14  50x100x14 $24,023
 40x50x12  50x100x16 $25,649
 40x50x14  60x100x14 $27,801

These Pre-engineered buildings w/ 4 lb. Roof Load and 100 mph Wind Load includes:

4:12 Roof Pitch (picture above) | 16 Premium color choices for Roof, Walls and Trim (25 year warranty) | 1-Framed Opening fully flashed | Solid I-Beam Construction | 26 Gauge Sheeting - 80,000 tensile strength – 1.25” sheeting profile | Purlin bearing rib (PBR) panels – larger overlap than R panels | Life – time warranty roof fasteners |  All fasteners, hardware, closures, sealants, bolts as required (not anchor bolts) | Clips pre-welded on frames | Letter of Certification and Engineered Stamped Permit and/or Erection  Drawings | 

Prices on this page are buildings with  4 lb. Roof Load | 100 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009 

Please call your local building department to verify your codes.

Click for 30 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for 21 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for| 14 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for  4 lb. Roof Load | 120 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

This pre-engineered building style is a very popular design. The beautiful colored 4:12 roof pitch definitely makes this building distinct. You can house your car, truck, machinery, RV or livestock in this building. Why pay double the price for a conventional structure when you can have this building?
Pre-engineered building plans are completed in two weeks and the buildings are delivered in 6-8 weeks. Please feel free to call toll free 1-800-593-4012. Formal quotes are done for customers in the immediate market for a metal building.

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