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 30x30x10 $6,522  40x60x12 $13,664
 30x30x12 $6,996  40x60x14 $15,181
 30x30x14 $7,621  40x60x16 $16,396
 30x40x10 $7,552  40x72x14 $16,469
 30x40x12 $8,113  40x72x16
 30x40x14 $8,900  40x80x12 $16,114
 30x50x10 $8,840  40x80x14 $17,674
 30x50x12 $9,445  40x80x16 $18,862
 30x50x14 $10,107  50x60x14 $16,778
 30x60x12 $10,798  50x60x16 $18,158
 30x60x14 $12,022  50x75x14 $19,352
 40x40x12  50x75x16 $20,664
 40x40x14  50x100x14 $24,350
 40x50x12  50x100x16 $26,035
 40x50x14  60x100x14 $28,779

These pre fab metal buildings  w/ 4 lb. Roof Loads and 120 Mph Wind Loads include:

3:12 Roof Pitch | 16 Premium color choices for Roof, Walls and Trim (20 year warranty) | 1-Framed Opening fully flashed | Solid I-beam construction | 26 Gauge Sheeting - 80,000 tensile strength – 1.25” sheeting profile | Purlin bearing rib (PBR) panels – larger overlap than R panels | Clips are pre-welded on frames | Life – time warranty roof fasteners |  Clips pre-welded on frames | All fasteners, hardware, closures, sealants, bolts as required (not anchor bolts) | Letter of Certification and Engineered Stamped Permit and/or Erection  Drawings | Building manufacture red by IAS (International Accreditation Service) factory and MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturer Association) member.

Prices on this page are buildings that have a  4 lb. Roof Load | 120 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009 | 
Please call your local building department to verify your codes.

Click for 30 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for  21 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for  14 lb. Roof Load | 90 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

Click for 
 4 lb. Roof Load | 100 Mph Wind Load | Exposure C | IBC2009

A 3:12 roof pitch is the perfect pitch is you want the convenience of snow falling off the roof as soon as it lands. This prefab metal building has a beautiful colored roof and is erected by a large percentage of our customers. It is the ideal building to store cars, RV's, trucks, machinery and boats. This structure can be erected in half the time as conventional construction and at half the price.

Plans are completed within two weeks and this pre fab metal buildings is delivered 6-8 weeks. 

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