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2000 Series 2250 (Insulated)
Light-Duty Commercial-Grade Door
The 2000 Series is the best option for light-duty applications requiring frequent usage. The 16-Guage, 12" drums allow for easy retraction. These doors are low maintenance. Commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed to exceed operational requirements with little or no maintenance.

Prices of steel building accessories (Roll Up Doors):
  8'x8' -   $386 | $477 Insul
10'x10' - $470 | $604 Insul
12'x12' - $636 | $816 Insul
14'x14' - Next Series

2500 Series & 2750 (Insulated)
Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Door
The 2500 Series is heavy-duty steel curtain roll-up door with tremendous versatility and unmatched quality. This door has a deep engagement guides that makes it durable, giving it a longer lasting performance.

Prices of steel building accessories (Roll Up Doors):
  8'x8'   - $402 | $501 Insul
10'x10' - $505 | $639Insul
12'x12' - $683 | $859 Insul
14'x14' - $789 | $1,092 Insul

Description: Complete with steel frame, header and jamb trim, threshold and heavy duty lock set.

5000 Series & 5250 (Insulated)
Wind-Certified Commercial-Grade

Doors with validated wind certification will reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Wind-certified doors are designed to meet stringent building codes.
8’x8’     $533      $625 INSUL
10’X10 - $635      $773 INSUL
12’X12’ - $750    $934 INSUL
14’X14’ - $937    $1,170 INSUL

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Integrity Building sales continues to be a leading distributor of low-complexity steel buildings. Our team strives for excellence in product quality innovation, customer service and satisfaction. Integrity Building sales is the first distributor to educate the public on actual wholesale cost of all of its products an services. All of the door roll up door prices are actual wholesale prices and include delivery.

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