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Click on your desired building style below and review our wholesale prices.

Integrity Building Sales has posted over 500 prefabricated metal building prices, as well as accessories and shipping prices, so you can calculate the total delivered price without requesting a quote.  Custom quotes are completed within 1 hour for customers in the immediate market to purchase a building. 

We recommend that you devote a minimum 15-20 minutes to review our comprehensive prefabricated steel building price list. You will find 5 snow and wind load options available for each building style below.  We recommend that you contact your local building department to verify your codes.  Add up your total delivered price (Prices posted are within 3% of accuracy; however, there could be a few anomalies within the 500 prices listed), and then call 1-800-593-4012.  A customer service representative will verify your total price, answer any questions and email a proposal/contract for signature if desired. Certified plans are completed in two weeks and steel buildings are delivered in 6-8 weeks (Guaranteed 3 week delivery available for an additional charge).

Click  - 1:12 Roof Pitch
( Prefab Steel Buildings)
Galvalume Roof, Colored Walls and Trim

Click  - 2:12 Roof Pitch
(Prefabricated Buildings)
Galvalume Roof, Colored Walls and Trim

Click  - 3:12 Roof Pitch
(Prefab Metal Buildings)
Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

   Click  - 4:12 Roof Pitch
(Pre-engineered Buildings)
Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

Click   - 1/2:12 Roof Pitch
 (Economy Buildings) 

Galvalume roof, Walls and Finish

 Click 3:12 Roof Pitch
(Deluxe Steel Buildings) 
1' Overhangs and Roof Extensions w/soffits | Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

Trust and Steel Buildings

Maybe the connection between trusting and purchasing steel buildings isn’t obvious—so how about some clarity!?

Really, when purchasing anything, we embody a certain degree of trust.  “I will pay you, and I trust you will give me what I desire.”  Perhaps we haven’t noticed, however, that the manifestation of untrustworthy sales people actually mirrors untrustworthy customers—everything is a reflection of itself, or at least a perfect vibrational match. 

Desiring a fair purchase, then, requires honesty and integrity from both sales folks and customers.  What part do you play?  As a customer, you’ve landed on a site offering a unique pricing program—offering the chance to purchase a steel building at wholesale!  The company has produced a high-transparency program, listing prices at cost…there is nothing hidden. You pay a flat fee at time of sale (fees posted on pricing pages). Integrity Building Sales has excellent customer record and keeps their word.  As a customer, then, you get to keep your end of the deal by keeping your word. This means you say what you mean, and mean what you say! 

It’s easy to trust companies with a perfect record with the BBB.  If a hint of doubt remains, take a good look at how honest you have been in your own transactions.  We tend to be wary of companies when there is a vibe of distrust within ourselves.  This usually stems from being ‘done wrong’ in the past.  Being ‘done wrong’ often points to a place within ourselves that believes in separation. Separation is an illusion. We are all "one."  We are all the same beneath the personalities we project. We attract what we believe.  

Saying we are ready to purchase, should mean exactly that—we truly are ready to make the purchase.  We have already checked out the market prices and run our own totals from the website —simple as that.  We know how much we are willing to pay, and are willing to make the purchase this very day…or will call back when ready.  Either way, we keep our word, because trust begins within.

"Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity,
they think of you."
~H Jackson Brown, Jr.
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