Fiberglass VR-R Insulation Delivered Estimates 



    Wholesale Insulation Cost + Profit

    $0 to $25,000 Pay Profit of $500


    These are DELIVERED Estimates to most US locations (below). Some locations add additional shipping cost. FSO guarantees a minimum $200 net savings below competitors quotes of equal specification standards.

    ONLY if you are READY – TO – BUY TODAY, based on receiving a quoted savings FIRST, fill out a QUOTE – ORDER – FORM. You MUST fill out a quote -order form to receive a wholesale quote! Our representative will speak to you BEFORE completing a quote in order to CONFIRM your preparedness to buy TODAY! The public is quoted the wholesale cost FIRST – that CONFIRMS savings! Then they pay associated fee (above) that SAME DAY (no exceptions). Questions, only those ready – to – buy TODAY, call 1-888-512-1116. All others review Fiberglass Resource Guide.

    Sq. Ft.Wholesale ESTIMATES
    R-Value 10 (3”)
     Sq. Ft.Wholesale ESTIMATES
    R-Value 13 (4”)
     Sq. Ft.Wholesale ESTIMATES
    R- Value 19 (6”)

    If you are definitely prepared to buy today, based on receiving a quoted savings below market quotes received, fill out a quote – order form or review or SPECIALS.

    Standard Specifications and Features

    Steel building insulation is basically blankets of woven long-strand fiberglass that are laminated on one side to a vapor-barrier facing.  Facing materials are applied to fiberglass insulation blankets to serve as a vapor retarder as well as a protected cover over the fiberglass. This vinyl-reinforced backing is far more durable than vinyl alone.  

    • Factory Steel Overstock prices fiberglass insulation with a stronger WMP-VR-R “PLUS” facing in lieu of the industry-standard VR-R. 
    • A 3″ tab runs along the length of both sides of rolled-out insulation for easier handling during install.
    • Double face tape and patch is a standard inclusion on insulation quoted by building measurements. Quotes of a specific square ft or number of rolls, patch and double face tapes are added upon request.
    • Customers can indicate the cut length of their rolls.
    • Standard insulation width: 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.


    • 0 – $3,000 WHOLESALE COST = $325 FEE
    • $3,001 – $4,000 WHOLSALE COST = $625 FEE
    • $4,001 – $8,000 WHOLESALE COST = $725 FEE
    • Larger purchases – Fee determined on a case-by-case basis

    3 Requirements to receive a Wholesale Quote:

    • You AGREE to pay associated fee (above) AFTER (same day) received quoted of a $200 minimum net savings below competitor’s quote.
    • You AGREE to email competitor’s proposal for a specification comparison if you believe you have located a superior offer. Then AFTER (same day) FSO matches specifications and discount 200 (insulation) below competitors’ price, you AGREE to pay associated fee that same day! In addition, FSO will give – at a minimum – one additional feature above competitor’s offer. Savings Terms.
    • If you don’t have a current competitor’s quote, you AGREE to accept Factory Steel Overstock’s quote as an accurate reflection of wholesale cost – and pay associated fee on the same day as received quote.

    Smart Buying

    Seventy – five percent of the certified metal buildings and insulation sold in the US initiate from 5 large corporations. These corporations distribute the their products primarily through subsidiaries, brokers, retail outlets and contractors. This means “even” if you can collect 50 quotes, and you are still reviewing the same building or insulation materials, just sold by a different distributor.

    You can continue the archaic practice of randomly contacting these sources or SMARTLY utilize Factory Steel Overstock’s expertise, special knowledge and buying leverage. Factory Steel Overstock is the only steel building and insulation reseller that quotes the general public the “ACTUAL” wholesale cost, charges a low flat fee and guarantees a savings! There are No upfront cost! Those ready to buy TODAY receive quotes BEFORE they pay associated fee that same day.

    Please don’t rush into a purchase. Complete your research! The more educated you are, the better our WHOLESALE COST + fee program will look. Factory Steel Overstock only has two requirements: