Are quotes really free?

You Pay One Way Or Another

You call up a company or request a quote from a firm you found online. A commission salesman is assigned to assist you.  The steel building outlet either gives the salesman a pre-priced costing sheet or a software program in order for them to quote a delivered metal building or insulation price to you. The price the salesman receives from their employer undoubtedly has a marked-up included before they add their additional profit. With regards to the salesman’s financial incentives, their commission rate is influenced by the amount they sell the item for. Need I say more?

We are not asserting that other steel building outlets or insulation firms are doing anything wrong. We simply are explaining why there are no truly free quotes! If your quoted price ends up a minimum of $1,000 higher than Integrity Building Sales price – which is IBS’S guaranteed minimum savings – did you really get a free quote elsewhere? Obviously not! Not to mention, the average savings with Integrity Building Sales is 10% on a building sale.

In Summary

At Integrity Building Sales we make an effort to be as objective as possible with our written and verbal comments. With that said, we assert that there are no truly free quotes anywhere! We believe the word ‘free’ is grossly overused in our country.  Even our stated free online pricing programs have costs associated with them that must be recouped in a sale; so the truthfulness of the word ‘free’ is questionable at best. However, we also assert that our wholesale online program may be the closest to actually being ‘Free’ than Any other program.