What is Roof Pitch?


Roof Pitch takes us back to algebra basics – Rise over Run.  For example:  1:12 Roof Pitch design is describing the rise in elevation of the roof to be 1 foot for every width of 12 feet. 


Thus, a 4:12 Roof Pitch will rise faster for a steeper slant.  This is noted as 4 foot rise in roof height per 12 feet across. 


In the image above, the main frame estimates a 4:12 pitch design.



Choosing Roof Pitch


Your steel building will be pre-engineered to snow and wind  codes specified by you and your local building department.  Roof pitch can be chosen, regardless of loads put upon it, as the engineering process will take care of building it to code for any chosen pitch and dimensions.  There will be slight price adjustments upward, as you increase from 1:12 through 4:12 models.  In addition, insulation costs vary with increased roof pitch.


That said, most building owners determine their roof pitch based on :


  • Appearance preference.
  • Colored Finish Roof.
  • Snow and Ice Run-off assistance.
  • Matching neighboring buildings.

Images provided in Option A & Option B online pricing tools give you a quick look at the differing roof pitch models.