Option C – Request a Quote: $250 Color Change Donation is our way of diverting suppliers cost to a charitable program as noted below color charts on this page.  When you select colors, other than standard colors noted below, please submit $250 donation payment for the Program posted below on page.

  • WALLS, Doors and Trim – Standard Color is Polar White.
  • ROOF – Standard Galvalume Plus roof finish. 

Roll Up Door Color Choices – see below Metal Building Colors.

Choose from these 200 Series colors:

Metal Building Colors

Roll Up Door Colors

Option C –  Quoted Customers Donate $250 for Change

Please support the program below for your $250 Color Change Donation – if you are choosing other than standard  Polar White walls, trim and doors, and standard Galvalume Roof.  This is IBS’s way of directing change costs to  organizations who are making a difference!

Church of God & Saints of  Chris

One of the chapters of Church of God & Saints of Christ is located in the inner city of New Haven, CT . This church has been serving and delivery meals for those in need for over a hundred years.

This small but powerful church is a beacon of light for many of those forgotten in society. It is for this reason that Integrity Building Sales is eager to assist this church’s efforts in making a positive difference in the word.

Additional information: Please Make Check Payable to: Church of God and Saints of Christ

Mail to:

Integrity Building Sales c/o John Barber

1250 S. Cherokee St. #1815

Denver, CO  80204

The church is located at:

109 Beers Street New Haven, Ct. 06511


Non-profit 501(c)3 # 06-1129297.