Integrity Building Sales
 Adherence to the highest code of  ethics


The definition of Integrity: Adherence to the highest code of ethics.
Integrity Building Sales has NEVER had a complaint filed against it with the Better Business Bureau!

                                        NO HIDDEN COST...TRUE WHOLESALE PRICES...A COMPANY OF INTEGRITY


Integrity Building Sales specializes in low-complexity steel buildings. We have posted over 500 wholesale metal building prices, and 5 different snow and wind load options. Please spend a few moments reviewing our steel building prices as well as accessories and shipping prices.  Add up your total delivered price, then call toll free 1-800-593-4012. A customer service representative will verify your price, answer any questions and email a proposal/contract for signature.

Customers pay a flat fee based on total delivered price, and buy at true wholesale prices. An Order Acknowledgement Email is sent after order, which includes Job order#, Costing Summation, Date of Plan Completion, and Week of Delivery Schedule. Certified plans are completed within two weeks, and steel buildings are delivered in 6-8 weeks. A customer can request a guaranteed 3 week delivery for an additional charge.

In order to maintain these wholesale prices, FREE custom quotes are completed for customers in the immediate market to purchase a building.  Get started by clicking on desired building styles below:

Click  - 1:12 Roof Pitch ( Prefab Steel Buildings)
Galvalume Roof, Colored Walls and Trim

Click  - 2:12 Roof Pitch (Prefabricated Buildings)
Galvalume Roof, Colored Walls and Trim

Click  - 3:12 Roof Pitch (Prefab Metal Buildings)
Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

   Click 4:12 Roof Pitch (Pre-engineered Buildings)
Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

Click   - 1/2:12 Roof Pitch (Economy Buildings) 
Galvalume roof & wall finish

 Click -  3:12 Roof Pitch (Deluxe Steel Buildings) 
1' Overhangs and Roof Extensions w/soffits | Colored Roof, Walls and Trim

True Credibility is Everything!

In the traditional metal building market, the brokers attempt to get the most profit possible. The higher the profit, the larger their commissions. As a buyer, you want the lowest possible price. This dynamic creates an adversarial environment. We at Integrity Building Sales believe in the opposite approach. Since our fee is predetermined, it benefits us to offer the buildings at the lowest possible price; therefore, we are both working towards the same goal! Our customers are able to take advantage of our buying leverage and buy their metal buildings at our actual cost (no profit added). Customers pay a flat processing fee at time of sale and utilize our buying leverage. We hope that you appreciate the transparency of our program. 






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